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About Stefan :: Biography

Born and raised in Vienna, Austria, Stefan Aschan is the founder of and personality behind, STRENGTH 123 and author of the “Alpine Weight Loss Secrets”. Stefan’s revolutionary Strength 123 and Mental Detox™ programs are specifically designed to address the human body inside and out.  His principles are surprisingly simple; proper executed movements and proper nutrition builds a lean defined body and clears the mind. Regardless to age, only a clear mind can focus on building a strong, agile and flexible body.
Stefan’s roots in fitness and nutrition began in Austria. His passion in fitness started in primary school by being a competitive athlete in sports such as wide & high jumping, 100 m sprints and down hill skiing.  His love to nutrition was developed on the organic farms in Lower Austria and continued through while working as a culinary apprentice. While receiving his Culinary Arts Degree, Stefan was further bit by the “fitness bug” and continued training at the local gyms and fitness facilities in his area. Never one to shy away from physical activity Stefan also began playing American football. His friends and colleague’s continuously told Stefan that his energy and outlook on life was too great to be bottled up in Europe and urged him to move to a country with a larger outlook - the United States.

Commitment and discipline are key traits of Stefan’s personality. In 1997, equipped with two suitcases and a goal, Stefan immigrated to the United States. Once in New York, he obtained his Degree in Finance from New York University’s Stern School of Business while continuing to work towards many of his fitness certificates (he currently has eleven). Not someone to be satisfied with one degree, Stefan completed as well his Masters in Science Degree in Holistic Nutrition.

Stefan is driven by knowing that he can make a difference by helping individuals change their bodies – and their lives –with changes in nutrition, exercise and lifestyle [think: Arnold Schwarzenegger meets Wolfgang Puck]. He is thrilled to see the rewards of his work reflected in the satisfaction and success of his clients.

Stefan and his team now manage the day-to-day operations of STRENGTH 123 but his passion revolves around his private trainings for his clients. To further back his clients, Stefan develops weekly / monthly e-mail newsletters to support his client’s goals.

When not hiking all year round in upstate New York, Stefan resides in Manhattan.

For additional information, contact the office
at 212/750-3696.

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