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:: Mental Detox Recipe

Breakfast: Lassi

:: Hudry Wusch Cooking

:: Health and Beauty tip

Break outs
After a face scrub use a honey
mask to heal and nourish your skin

:: Benefit of the week

A member of the parsley family, the seed and the leaf of the plant are used. Has a mild, sweet, and pungent flavor. Similar to lemon and sage. Used in curry powder, to flavor meats, candy, and also used to disguise the nauseating qualities I some medicines. It kills bacteria, fungi and is good on cuts and wounds to kill micro organisms.

Diet & Nutrition Tips

Pain management - It’s Foods and not a Drug

Food, Nutrition, Diet“Everything hurts and I can’t move” …. says a client of mine in her late 40’s. This client is in shape, mentally as well as physically. Still, aches and pains are creeping in. What if this continues to get worse?
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Worried About Holiday Weight Gain? - Novel Solutions to Combat Holiday Weight Gain

Weight Gain, Nutrition, Workout"Did you get fatter again?" one of my clients told me she asked her husband as he put on a newly purchased pair of pants for the office.

Yes, some of us try to sneak new clothes in after the holidays so that others don't notice our latest indulgence in food. That can be one strategy.
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Add On' for Healthy Holiday Eating - Simple Additions That Can Lead to a Healthier Thanksgiving Meal

Holiday, Diet, NutritionTurkeys, start running again!

Thanksgiving dinner is around the corner, and with it no doubt will come many foods to overeat, indulge in - and to feel bad about after we clear the plate.

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The Best Way to Feed Your Workout - Proper Planning, Attention to Nutrition Are Key Aspects

Diet, Nutrition, Food"What should I eat?"

It's a common question that nearly everyone deals with on a day-to-day basis. For those adhering to a workout program, however, this simple question gains added importance.

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For Weight Loss or Extra Nutrition, Juicing Holds Advantages for Many

Juicing, Nutrition, FoodVegetable this and vegetable that. Aren't you getting bored of being advised to eat your vegetables?

It is my experience that individuals who are obese generally do not enjoy vegetables. Moreover, preparation can be time-consuming, and sometimes, even chewing can feel like a hassle when you are on the run.

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Got Milk? Some light on the pluses and minuses of dairy

Got Milk, Nutrition, DetoxGot Milk? Who hasn’t seen the advertising on billboards or in magazines? But is it always as good as it sounds?
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Addiction To Sweets? Is It Metal Or Physical Addictions Or Both? One Expert Explains.

Is this a real physical addiction, or is it just psychological? Besides gaining a few pounds, what are the real risks? How would s/he go about breaking herself of this addiction? Or should you even bother? Questions after questions; first things first.

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Salt --- Is It Just As Ugly As We Thought About?

Salt Detox“Do you have salt?” How many times have you asked the waiter this question without tasting the food first? This action of adding some salt to your food can have quite an impact on your health.
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