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FREE Weight Loss Solutions

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Please click here to learn about our next upcoming 12 - Week  Simple Weight Loss System Course.

I open up 10 spots in this course 3 times per year. Check it out!



“How to Skyrocket Your Natural Weight Loss Success, Get Fit, and Gain a Hot, Sexy, Vibrant Body and Lose More Weight and Burn More Fat in the Next 12 Months than You Ever Thought Possible…With ZERO RISK to You!” By invitation only. Learn about it here.



The Strength123 trainings program is developed for specific needs such as increased strength, performance, speed, agility, movement pattern corrections, improve running style for marathons, weight loss, pre or post natal exercise programs. Our programs have a 99% success rate for type A individuals who need results within a short time. Typical clients who I work best with are business owners, managers, CEO’s , men and women who see that age takes a ride with them and working mothers who have to see killer results.

Click the links to read more about my nutrition philosophy and training philosophy.

Skype training & coaching


ALWAYS ON THE ROAD? Take your training wherever you go by training with us via Skype. 

Strength 123 BASIC – Trim & Tone; Fitness Maintenance
Get up to 10 strength training sessions in one month. You will receive private nutrition consultation personalized just for you, your body and lifestyle, and to meet your individual fitness goals. This is the package for those who may just need a “tune-up” and for those with very demanding schedules.

Strength 123 PRO –Weight Loss & Fitness
Get up to 14 strength training sessions in one month. You receive a designed diet program for your body type and lifestyle, and to meet your individual fitness goals. This is the package for those who are ready to get in shape, lose the weight, get and stay fit.

Flexibility a la Carte – Assisted Stretching Just Come in for Stretching
These are either extended times dedicated to enhanced stretching techniques and added to the end of your strength training sessions, or used alone as a dedicated session just for stretching. I will assist you in reaching maximum stretching effectiveness by incorporating static stretching and PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation) stretches after an appropriate stretching warm-up. Stretching can add 10% - 20% to overall strength gain. Stretching can lessen muscle soreness, help to lower blood pressure, improve flexibility and balance and improve the quality of your sleep.

Senior Fitness – Fitness Helps Improve Lifestyle at Any Age!
This program allows me to introduce a customized and well-rounded strength training and cardio exercise program, coupled with proper nutrition for older adults who either may never have been exposed to a fitness program, or have been on relax time for many years. Increase your bone density, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, reduce the onset of osteoporosis, improve your balance and stability, generally Improve mobility and enhance your lifestyle. Special attention is paid to realistic fitness goal setting, appropriate teaching skills, safety, effectiveness and time.

Special Health – Specialized Programs for Every Condition and Level
Individualized programs designed for those with special needs and those in need of special treatment. This program is for clients who may be pregnant or post partum, with concerns about hypertension, diabetes, osteoporosis, scoliosis or various orthopedic conditions. We help you work in accordance with your doctor’s recommendations.

Post-Pregnancy Body Makeover
Congratulations! The baby is here. You gained 20 lbs and your baby weights only 8 lbs. What happened? And what do I do now? This is where our “Post-Pregnancy Body Makeover” comes in! Nutrition for your post-pregnancy and in consideration of your baby will be addressed for your toning and shaping program.

Pregnancy Fitness
Pregnancy is an important part in your lifecycle. Everything you do has an impact. What should I eat? What is best during this time? Should I workout or should I not. With a close relationship with your doctor we design a program that is right for you. According to studies from American psychologist exercise raises your baby’s IQ if the mother-to-be is active during pregnancy vs. inactive women. This is the time to be informed and educated.

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The Mental Detox program is a nutritional trainings program to lose weight using only the most beneficial foods that earth can provide for you. I offer following programs for your needs:

Detox and Rejuvenation: cleansing and rejuvenation of the inner organs are important for your health, energy and internal performance. The 14-Day Mental Detox program is right for you. No calorie-counting and you have to eat. That’s right. EAT.

Personal Weight Loss program:
need to lose 10lbs, 50 lbs or 150 lbs? I have the program that will turn your body into a lean mean fat burning machine that you can follow according to your lifestyle, genetics and schedule.

Definition program:
getting ready for a competitive event? Or maybe you want to get leaner and toned for the summer. This is the right program for you.

Endurance program:
adventure races, marathons and bike races burn calories. To outperform your competition and finally win your event your nutrition needs to play a killer role.

Contact us” with questions you have which program is right for you and receive the “Burn Fat Fast” cardio program for free today. People across the nation rely on my nutritional coaching expertise.


 Check out our “Events” schedule.


Your most profitable assets are your employees, and it’s time to start offering perks that really make a difference. Why not offer fitness and nutrition services to help enhance performance in a competitive marketplace?

Have you ever considered implementing a “Stay Active” Day?

Strength 123 will organize lectures, group activity classes, competitive sporting events, challenging problem solving games and teamwork games, all designed to make your employees mentally and physically stronger. As an added bonus, it’s fun. 

Click here to learn about the best corporate wellness program in New York City.

Contact us” with questions you have about what we can do for you.


Many companies have hired me to educate, entertain and break up their long monotonous days of company trainings seminars. Get your employees exited to work for you and show them that you care for their well-being. Cutting down on the expenses of healthcare cost’s starts with the first step and the first step starts with this presentation.

I tailor my presentation style to your audience. Below you will find two 30-minute presentation options to choose from.

Option one:

Goal setting for physical health
Food log and weight control
A demonstration of activities in the room using chairs and tables

Option two:

Explanation of your core and its purpose
Demonstration of a TVA band for core activation during the day
Implementation of simple exercises for strengthening your core
Execution of exercises while engaging your core

Click here to inquire for other speaking options and for questions you have.

Jennifer Herrera, Director, Store Operations, Martin+Osa

“He was great!! He was funny; clearly an expert and he commanded attention. We continued to reference his presentation throughout the rest of our time together. Stefan was very clever that he took some information on our group prior to coming in and using that in the dialogue – what a nice touch!! It felt as if it was just a personal presentation just for us.

I received feedback from several participants how glad they were to have that break up in our 3 day business leader meeting time. And I will continue to reference your thoughts to the team to ensure we keep the learning’s and awareness alive.

Thank you again.”

Chris Gorman, Store Director, Martin+Osa San Francisco
“Hey Jen… 

I just wanted to take a second and personally thank you for the presentation that Stefan gave at the last conference. For some reason that was exactly the last bit of motivation I needed to become serious about my health and fitness routines.

Since the conference I have been religious about a fitness routine and have become very regimented with my eating (thanks to his food tips). I feel better, more motivated, more energized and just generally happier… and I think I even lost a waist size YEAH!

So thanks for placing a focus on us this last conference… it truly has paid off for me!”

Click here to contact us for questions you have.