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:: Mental Detox Recipe

Breakfast: Lassi

:: Hudry Wusch Cooking

:: Health and Beauty tip

Break outs
After a face scrub use a honey
mask to heal and nourish your skin

:: Benefit of the week

A member of the parsley family, the seed and the leaf of the plant are used. Has a mild, sweet, and pungent flavor. Similar to lemon and sage. Used in curry powder, to flavor meats, candy, and also used to disguise the nauseating qualities I some medicines. It kills bacteria, fungi and is good on cuts and wounds to kill micro organisms.


>>>IMPORTANT 'Special Offer' UPDATE: Learn why my breakthrough Mental Detox™ Program is used and endorsed by the Health Editor of a major magazine, a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, and even a NYU doctor.

“What if there really was a way to have more energy, think more clearly, stay motivated, improve your waist, hip, stomach and overall appearance (and confidence)
and lose weight?”

It CAN Be done. My Nutritional ‘Mental Detox™' Program Has Made THE Difference For MANY Who Used To Feel Like You Do Now!

Can I Prove It? Absolutely.
But first...

Should YOU should even be reading this article?

(Check which ones apply)

Constantly tired, have little energy

Can’t lose weight and don’t know why
Have trouble making the right food decisions, at the right time

Too easily out of breath

Don’t know what exercises will really help

Suffer from insomnia

Difficulties going to the bathroom regularly

Don’t know what snacks you can eat

Lack the motivation to make changes

Just burned out, and wonder how you’ll ever feel better

How many boxes did you check?
One? Three? Maybe all of them?

“In my industry, my appearance is what sells clients’ products and makes me successful. It is intensely competitive and I need to be the best that I can possibly be. I heard about Stefan’s training and nutrition programs from several of my friends who have been working with him. They said he is unique in his training approach and how quickly he gets results. His Mental Detox program was challenging at first, but as soon I felt the difference I continued. I had more energy. I felt more alert and confident in what I was doing. His program is not just for the body; it is for your mind and soul, as well. If you want to find focus, and see results in your body appearance and performance, don’t think twice. Stefan’s programs have helped me. I am confident it will work for you too."

Ana Paula Araujo, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Centerfold, 2007

What You’re Reading Right Now
Is A Strategy That No One Else
Is Telling You About.

It will mark an important, perhaps life-changing step towards how you CAN feel great, everyday! I urge you to read every word of this article, and finally KNOW, there really IS a solution.

A recent back injury caused me to lose strength, balance and stamina. With Stefan's program I learned how to activate and properly align my body. I improved my ability to protect my back.  Slowly I gained confidence and lost the fear of using weights, machines, and Swiss balls again, all of which helped to improve my body.

The results were outstanding. I went from 156 lbs to 149 lbs and from 32.1% body fat to 29% body fat. Yet, improvements of numbers were just one benefit from his program.

His guidelines, support, and advice helped me to integrate changes on a concrete level. He helped me to stay accountable and succeed. I feel more confident, more fit, motivated, and in control of my exercise program. Each session is extremely valuable, with information and tips on how to improve my body.

I am not 43 or 53 years old. However, I am proud of my 63 years and I want to be the best for my age. Stefan’s program is helping me to achieve my goals. I feel and look even better then I could imagine.

Gail Spindell, 63, Psychotherapist, New York

It starts with…

A Question That Probably
Makes You Angry

Why can some people eat whatever they want, while you’ve spent years trying to figure out what you CAN eat to look and feel better?

Has that maddening reality frustrated you more than once?

Try this question instead.

What if there really was a way to have more energy, think more clearly, stay motivated, improve your overall appearance (and confidence), and lose weight?

How much would your life change if you really could feel GREAT, everyday?

And what if all this was GUARANTEED to work for YOU?

“My change never would have been able to happen had I not changed my eating habits - and here I though I was eating healthy. Mental Detox taught me to listen to what my body needed to perform better. I eliminated certain things that I thought I couldn't live without and now I have more energy, sleep better (which was a major issue) and feel absolutely fantastic... The constant compliments on my appearance aren't too bad either. Last, but not least, are the weekly newsletters. They were a constant guide and support system that arrived in my inbox just at the right moment and I still don't know how you managed to do that...I guess it's because you are great at what you do!”

Jennifer Torino, Office Manager, Archipelago.com

My programs have been featured in Fitness, Shape, More, Cosmopolitan, Woman’s Day, and the New York Times, NY Sun and on CW11 - The Morning News Show. Currently I contribute on ABCnews.com, the HuffingtonPost.com and monthly articles to “Affluent Magazine”.

Here Are 7 Myths For You To Review.
At Least One Of Them Is Likely Holding You Back.
Do You Know Which One?

Myth #1
: “I'll eat less, feel better and lose weight”!
Seems simple enough, doesn’t it? Except that just because you eat less of the same junk you eat everyday, it doesn’t mean you’ll lose weight, let alone feel better. We are all individuals with different needs and wants. Applying a ‘one-approach fits all’ program to one individual will not work.

Myth #2: “I’ll just follow a program and lose weight”.

As you may know already, many programs tell you exactly what to eat instead of educating you about why you eat, when you eat and what influenced you to eat. Without addressing those underlying issues, you’ll not be successful.

Myth #3: “I’ll just follow a program for 4 weeks, and lose 30 lbs.”.

Healthy weight loss is not more than 1 or 2 lbs per week. This is a fact. It has been researched and studied endlessly. If your weight loss is more than this, you’ll be vulnerable to additional health issues. You need to manage such lifestyle changes carefully.

Myth #4: “I can eat whatever I want, as long as I eat small portions”.

Our bodies need a combination of nutrients to function properly. Processed foods do not give you those nutrients. You need to know what foods to eat more of, and what foods to stay away from.

Myth #5: “I can do just a little each day, and get to my goals”.

Without a 100% commitment, you’re set up for one thing: failure.

Myth #6: “I don’t need support to get to my goals”.

If successful athletes and many millionaire business people understand and benefit from coaching, why wouldn’t you? We all need advice, feedback and motivation to help us overcome obstacles, and reach the next level of success.

Myth #7: “I can eat in restaurants and know what I am getting”.

Unless you are able to ask and have your food prepared the way you want it, it isn’t at all likely you’ll really know what you’re getting. You have to shop for and prepare your food yourself, or know where to eat, to always be certain that what you’re eating is beneficial.

How Many Of Those Myths Made You Think,
‘Yea, that’s me’?

Be honest. Did some of the myths you just read remind you of things you’ve told yourself at one time or another? Isn’t it time to get real?

There IS a better way, and it’s guaranteed.

You see, you must learn how to stay ‘in control.’

Now, you might be thinking… “C’mon Stefan, what does that mean”?

For starters, I’ll show you how to function from a set number of choices. Choices that you know will work. In that way, decisions will not be made for you, you’ll know what works, and what doesn’t work… for you!

That can include what you will say (and do) when you go to restaurants.

Yes, there are many pitfalls you’ll run into. It is at these decision points that you’ll either be in control, or not.

But here’s what’s most important:

You MUST Know The Answers
To These Three Questions

1. What are the BEST foods for you to eat to maximize how your system is functioning?
2. What types of ‘choices’ issues can you expect to encounter, and how can you successfully overcome them?
3. How will you make the right decisions at the right time, adjust to make it work for you, and stay motivated to stick to that decision-making process?

How Will You Learn What These
Answers Are, For YOU?

Make no mistake, without a thorough knowledge of these three points, you’ll have very little success in finally achieving the results you want.

Yes, you could:

Take classes. But, how long will that take, and where will you find these?

Read several books. That too can work over time. But, which books?

Download dozens of articles on the Internet, read all of them, and certainly be better off than you are now. But are you going to do that long enough to get real results?

“When I initiated the Strength 123 Mental Detox program, I was concerned that it would have a temporary benefit. This was my experience with all previous "diet" programs I had tried in the past, including the popular reduced carbohydrate methods. What I soon realized was that the Mental Detox program was not a "diet" at all, but rather functioned as a training program for healthy cooking and eating, one of the core ingredients to healthy living. Through the program I was convincingly familiarized with the benefits of natural foods and principles of nutrition that I would never have explored or learned on my own. The benefits have remained simply because I feel better when I eat this way. Through my experience with Strength 123, I do not feel restricted but rather feel that I have been opened up to a whole new world of food and gained a tremendous knowledge, which will stay with me for the rest of my life.”

A. J. Fishman MD, New York University School of Medicine

Why Should You Believe I Can
Provide The Answers You Need?

My name is Stefan Aschan. I have been in the health and fitness industry for more than 15 years. I have conducted approximately 25,000 one-on-one coaching sessions, beginning in 1993 in my hometown of Vienna, Austria, and since coming to New York.

I arrived in New York on January 17th, 1997 with two bags, fresh from the boat, not knowing one single person, but very clear about my goal to become one of the best-known and most sought after fitness experts in the industry.

I started by conducting nutrition and fitness classes for people I met, with most all of them enjoying good results. The word spread, and soon I wasn’t able to take on any more classes or clients.

But it’s important to tell you,
it wasn’t always that way.

Shortly after imigrating, I was in a health situation myself. I didn’t realize I would be affected by the food here in the States. I didn’t have the level of energy I was used to, and I constantly felt tired.

Sound familiar? You see, I was in the situation you might be experiencing now.

This was the time when I started to do my own research, and look for solutions for my issues. The result was multiple certifications, degrees and day-to-day experience in helping many people overcome their own battle to live a healthier lifestyle.

And something else life-altering happened --- I discovered the food that I call “as close as possible to the earth.” I did extensive research on which foods are better then others, organized them into 3 categories for easy understanding and easy implementation.

After years of trial and error, as well studing for my masters program in holistic nutrition, I created the final program and called it the 14- day nutritional Mental Detox™ program.

I was constantly asked by clients what to eat,
when to eat and how to eat.

With the Mental Detox™ program, I started to coach individuals through their own personal transformation with specific nutritional changes. And they started to have results after just a short amount of time - I’m talking about ‘leaps’ in just 4 weeks.

I don’t teach you how to ‘just eat three foods’, ‘drink that much water’, ‘eat three meals a day’ --- I teach you how to make decisions on your own. I teach you how to work with the foods that will work best for you.

The fact is, you need to be able to make your own decisions, understand why you make them, and not just to follow a regiment that’s a ‘one size fits all’ approach. You will fail without freedom of choices.

Now – let’s say you wanted me
to coach you personally.

I can tell you my current training programs are expensive. One session will cost between $200 and $300. Even at that rate, during prime time hours, I still have to turn away clients because I have more work than I can manage.

So what is my Mental Detox™ program worth?
More on that in a minute…

Here’s the most valuable part of what I’ve learned. Although I trained many people with my knowledge and techniques, in the beginning, too often I saw that they did not understand the entire program, and know what to do in difficult situations.

Now, I’ve put a very specific set of training steps into place that focus exclusively on that critical part of your program. You’ll learn how to build a list of choices, all good choices, that will consistently keep you headed towards your goals, everyday.

The fact is, coaching people in lifestyle changes requires a very skillful approach. The right thing has to be said at the right time, for each individual.

So here’s another simple question…

Would A Specific, Easy To Use, 32-Page Guide
That Provides ALL Of These Answers
Provide A Better Solution?

Even if the answer is obvious (I’ll assume it is), are you really ready to finally feel and look better?

I have to be honest with you right here. You see, what I’ve assembled in my Mental Detox™ Program WILL produce results for you. I’ve worked hard to learn everything that can help you answer the three questions above. I have the information you need and I can put it right into your hands. I know MANY people need it.

What I can’t know is if you are ready. I can’t know if you’re truly fed up with not feeling good. I can’t know if you’ve made the decision to do what it takes.

So, I’m asking…

Are you really ready to take
the steps necessary to enjoy
feeling great, everyday?

Here’s what my 32-page Mental Detox™ guide covers:

• Welcome
• The opportunity and the challenge
• The program
• Balancing your meals
• Understanding the food charts - The ‘most beneficial’, the ‘beneficial’ and the ‘stay off and away from’ categories
• List of most beneficial vegetables
• List of most beneficial carbohydrates
• List of most beneficial proteins
• List of most beneficial fruits
• Focus on:
- Listen to your body
- Taste and exploration
- Threats to your success
- Stay off and away from
• Your 6 threats
• Measurements
• Strategies
• 6 strategies for success
• My advice
• Look, Learn, Do


Stefan, I just did a week of ‘Mental Detox’, and lost 10lbs! I was 204 lbs now I am 194 lbs. I intend to lose another 10 lbs. Can’t wait to see my six pack again.

Adam Williams, Convertible Bond Trader 


What Benefits Can You Expect From Using
My ‘Mental Detox™’ Program?

• Knowing the foods you can indulge, and eat as much as you want.

• Learning foods that are most important in a weight loss program.

• Step by step approach to change your nutrition intake.

• Knowing which foods to stay away from.

• Education about foods that are not processed, don’t contain fungicides, pesticides, chemicals, flavoring, dyes, and other harmful ingredients that slow you down.

• Improved digestion to prevent constipation.

• Establishing a reference point to understand how your body should feel and function, without stimuli to keep your energy up.

Fewer health issues you might now experience, such as migraines, eczema, and allergies.

• Learning how to eat foods that are most beneficial for your system and health.

• Learning about the beneficial snacks you can eat on the run.

• Learning how to cook to be in charge of what goes into your body.

Increased energy during the day.

• Increased mental clarity that helps you make consistently good decisions.

Manage the 3:00 pm energy drop, and reaching for energy stimuli.

• Strategies for better decision making when going out to eat.

• Strategies on what to say when you find yourself in situations where
eating or drinking items you don’t want, come up.

‘Mental Detox™’
provides you with solutions
that will help you change your lifestyle,
and succeed in achieving your goals.

I’ll show you how to see and feel results. You’ll understand how to implement the program to be in control, and alter your lifestyle.

This knowledge is critical because, in order for you to function at your best, both mentally and physically, you need to eat as 'close to the earth' as possible, be in control of yourself, and know where your food is coming from.

By following this program you WILL look, feel and move at your best.

“I never thought I would see a big difference in my body, strength and energy in the first couple weeks. Stefan makes a huge transformation in your body and mind with the help of his training and Mental Detox. I lost inches, decreased my fat tissue, changed my dress size. All after just 5 weeks with Stefan. Don’t wait… start NOW!”

Lindsay Sanrnoff, Project Manager, Ralph Lauren


Are You Thinking, ‘I’ve Tried To Change
My Lifestyle, And NOT Had Success…
Why Will THIS Work’?

With my Mental Detox™ program, you not only get insights about obstacles to overcome, which foods to eat and which to stay away from, plus critical strategies to implement, you'll also receive 4 bonuses designed to help you make all of the changes necessary for the body that you desire.

Bonus #1
--- Motivational and educational solutions to stay on track, and accomplish the results you're looking for - Value $ 137

My motivational ‘Look, Learn, Do’ Newsletters, will provide you with inspiration, information, and guidance. They focus on the challenges you will experience while your body learns to adjust to the proper way of metabolizing food, in order to function mentally and physically at 100% efficiency.

The ‘Look, Learn, Do’ Newsletters are fun and educational, helping you deal with issues while going through your change process. They provide information from my education through various degrees', certifications and experience of working with clients over 13 years.

In the first two weeks, you will receive one newsletter every 2 – 3 days. Then you will receive 2 every week and down the road, 1 – 2 every two weeks to stay in touch with you, give you new strategies, and to make sure you stay focused.

Bonus # 2
The most overlooked issue in any lifestyle change program - Value $62

Your Mental Detox™ Program will also provide you with my fast, easy ‘Look, Learn, Do’ recipes following my "Hudry Wusch" cooking technique. All can help you to succeed with your changes in lifestyle, and achieve results.

You will receive ‘Look, Learn, Do’ Recipes that correlate with the Mental Detox™ Program. They are easy, delicious and just fun to prepare.

The recipes you will receive are not like your grandmothers' cooking, using lard and butter [yes, I know about them, I am Austrian], rather, recipes that work with the juice within the ingredient, and herbal seasoning that tastes magnificent with that particular ingredient. Of course, this is up to you to explore and discover. Welcome to the knowledge of the 21st century.

I also teach you Austrian "Hudry Wusch" techniques.

Yes, I know that some of you find cooking challenging. To help, I teach you my famous "Hudry Wusch" techniques from the ‘Look, Learn, Do’ Recipes, to help make your cooking easy - and successful. (*"Hudry Wusch" in Austria stands for quick, extremely fast, and efficient, all at the same time.) Simplicity counts, and so does the taste of your vegetables, proteins, and carbohydrates.


Bonus # 3
--- I'm Adding My Personal Fitness Workout DVD, To Help You Execute The Exercises That Will Help You Most - Value $29.99

My simple, personal fitness workout program can transform your fitness and appearance dreams into a reality; in your home, on the road or in the park.

If you're looking to learn the proper ways to execute exercises, avoid injury and be challenged to build up a leaner body, lose weight, achieve a flat stomach and tone your body, my Strength 123 Workout Program is the program for you, whether you're a beginner or intermediate.

On this DVD
, you'll find two personal workout programs. In the beginner workout, you'll first be taught the basic movements to improve your posture, alignment and strengthen your body.

Then you'll advance to the intermediate workout, using the beginner program's as building blocks. you'll be ready to burn the maximum amount of calories and the highest percentage of fat possible!

“I signed up to work out with Stefan Aschan of Strength 123 for probably the same reasons many women do: To tone, tighten and maybe lighten myself by a few pounds. Stefan has helped me achieve those goals, but he has done more than just change my numbers. He has given me a deep appreciation for how my body works. It_s as if he handed me the owner_s manual to my body and showed me how to operate this amazing machine of mine. He has unlocked a whole new world of physical possibilities for me. Wow! The things I can do that I never knew I could! Thank you, Stefan”.

Stephanie Young, Health Editor, More Magazine


With Everything You’ve Read So Far,
You’re Likely Thinking, ‘This Sounds Great,
But It Probably Costs a LOT’!

I’m not going to ask you the question that many health-related programs like to ask at this point; ‘How much is your health worth to you?’

It’s not a fair question.

We ALL know good health is worth more than any price tag we could put on it. Without good health, everything else in our life is diminished - its value can’t truly be measured. Just ask anyone who suffers from a chronic illness.

Now I realize that, even if you agree, you still want to know, ‘how much Stefan’?

I’ve put a tremendous amount
of time and effort into developing
my ‘Mental Detox’ program…

And if you remember, above I asked the question, 'What is my Mental Detox™ Program worth'?

If I was working with you, and you individually purchased each of the products or services listed below, it would cost just under $1,600.

Products / Services Value
Mental Detox $57.00
30 LLD Newsletter –e - mail $137.00
60 LLD Recipes color pdf $47.00
2 Weeks dinning program --- color pdf $15.00
Strength 123 Workout DVD $29.99
Lifestyle booklet $12.00
Community (Annually $84 - Monthly $7) Free

TOTAL VALUE $ 297.99

Yes, as a 'package', it costs less, but I always strive to over-deliver value and results!

Here's My SPECIAL...

My Platinum, Mental Detox™ package normally sells for $ 297. Even at that price, it offers a terrific value, BUT I want to get as many people using this breakthrough program before the end of this month as possible.

So, I’m offering a full $ 200 savings… right now!

You can order the Platinum Mental Detox™ program for only $ 97.99!

But, there IS a deadline for taking advantage of this offer. After the end of this month, the price goes back up to $ 297.


Don't Wait...

The Price WILL Go Back Up by the end of this month…
… So DON’T Wait!

Really, I won’t have to offer ANY discount to sell this program once the New Year starts. So, you are in a special position to take advantage of this special price, right now.

And Don’t Forget, You Have A Full, 100%,
‘No Questions Asked’ Guarantee On Your Purchase
Of My ‘Mental Detox™’ Program

If you’re not satisfied that my Mental Detox™ Program isn’t everything I’ve told it can be for you and your healthy new lifestyle, return it within 90 days for an immediate 100% refundno questions asked!

If you’re really ready, THIS is the life-changing program you’ve been looking for.

“Working with Stefan has been a life altering experience. I feel like I will live 20 years longer now and suffer fewer body related set backs as I get older. Stefan has helped me build much greater body awareness. He is brilliant in his understanding of body mechanics and the way the brain functions in regards to food and eating. His newsletters keep me motivated and in step with the program, and his recipes are extremely helpful. I know I have never looked better, felt stronger and had more in control of my body. Strength 123 is a lifestyle, so if you are ready to commit yourself, it will change your life for the better”.

Isabel Rose, Actress, Author & Performer, Rose Diaries


I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon about the successes and positive changes you achieve through YOUR Mental Detox™ Program.

Kind regards,

PS - Once you have my Mental Detox™ program in your hands, you’ll quickly see a powerful edge for mental and physical changes. Remember, I personally guarantee positive changes in your energy, mental clarity and appearance by following this program, step by step . It has worked for Ana Paula Araujo, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Centerfold, 2007, Stephanie Young, Health Editor at More Magazine, and Andrew Fishman, a doctor at NYU. You CAN be confident it will work for you as well.

PSS – There is NO RISK at all for your 14- day Nutritional Mental Detox™ program. If you are not thrilled with the increased energy, change off skintone, flatter stomach, weight change and overall change of your apperance, PLUS the critical new decision-making knowledge you'll gain, all in just in 8 weeks, let us know, sent all back and we will refund the cost of your order (less shipping costs) no questions asked.

PSSS - As I asked at the beginning of this article, are you REALLY ready to finally feel good everyday? If you are, THIS is the time to make it happen.