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Solutions for Post-Workout Pain - Fitness Resolutions Have You In Agony? How to Cut the Pain Out of Your Program

Fitness Resolutions, Nutriton, Exercise, WorkoutDamn those New Year's resolutions.

Just like the fitness resolutions of years past, they gave you the best incentive to get moving. You signed up for the gym. Given the choice between aerobics classes, spinning classes and yoga classes, you participated in all three.

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A Healthy New Year: Myths and Mantras for 2008 - Three Myths About Post-Holiday Weight Loss -- and Three Solutions

New Year New You, Homeworkout, Routines, Exercise, NutritionNow that the new year is upon us, many of us can't even look in the mirror without thinking how much weight we've gained over the holidays.

Some fat over here, some fat over there and voila -- our expensive wardrobe does not fit us anymore.

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Managing Diabetes With Exercise - Type 2 Diabetes Can Be Prevented -- Or Reversed -- With Exercise

Diabetes, Nutrition, ExerciseWhen it comes to just about anyone, there is no excuse not to exercise. But this advice may be even more pertinent to those diagnosed with diabetes -- evidenced by the fact that the American Diabetes Association highly recommends activity for these individuals.
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Three Minutes a Day to Keep Back Pain Away - Exercise, Lifestyle Changes Can Go a Long Way in Warding Off Back Pain

Back Pain, ExerciseAt one time or another, we will all experience pain in our body. And for many of us, that pain will come in the form of twinges, aches and soreness in our backs.

Of course, back pain is a very broad term that can refer to any number of specific regions in your back. In this article, instead of the terminology, we will look into possible causes and solutions of back pain.

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Your Home Is Your Gym - Working Out at Home a Time-Effective, Cost-Effective Route to Better Results

Home Workouts, RoutinesWho doesn't hate going to the gym?

I personally know that even some of the most gung-ho fitness fans -- old and young alike -- drag when it comes to their daily trip to the gym.

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Keeping a Beach-Ready Body Under a Winter Coat - Maintaining Your Fitness Plan Through Colder Months Can Yield Big Dividends

Beach Body, Homeworkouts"Let's do it. Let's shed the pounds off for the summer."

It's a conversation I hear in the spring on the subway, at dinner parties or at work facilities. Invariably, late spring is a time when everyone seems excited about trying to achieve the perfect beach body.

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How Stress Erases Your Exercise Gains - When It Comes to Fitness, Your Own Stress Could Be Holding You Back

Exercise, Nutrition, WorkoutsLet's talk. If you are reading this, you may have either finally made the decision to get back into shape or you are already in decent physical shape but experience any of a number of stress-related health issues - ulcers, heart palpations and insomnia, to name a few.
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How To Make Time For Physical Fitness?

We all are busy in our hectic working schedules. Running around from place to place can leave you exhausted and drained. But it doesn’t have to be that way.
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How Women Need To Adjust Their Workout Routines Through Different Life Circles.

Being active is an important part of everyone’s life. Your system’s functionability depends on it. However, women do have various stages that require different workout regimens. From the age of 20 through 60 and beyond, women’s health needs change during each decade. Therefore, her fitness routine should reflect changes as well.

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Entrepreneurial Tips To Take Care Of Your Self Instead Just Of Others

Entrepreneurs have a challenging life. Anything and everything must be done, at anytime, to accomplish the objective of building up a business.  This often takes a toll on the individual’s health. I have seen it many times in my clients, who are very successful business owners, managing directors, or industry leaders.

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Exercise Rut. I Don’t Want To Do It. How To Get Out Of It!

Two kind of people are in exercise rut: First, the individual who never exercises, and second, the person who exercises but does not always want to exercise and makes the decision to stop.
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Posture Tips And Trips. And Why The Hell Is It Important?

Posture this and posture that. Improve your posture, you hear from your trainer, from your teacher, from your office colleague, or from an individual who sees you slump over at your desk. But what does it mean to have good posture?
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